Get involved and join the SolACE Stakeholder Forum!

Stakeholders will be engaged and involved in the project at all stages via the project’s Stakeholder Advisory Board and the Stakeholder Forum which includes farmers’ representatives, advisors, decision and policy makers.

Why the Stakeholder Forum?

The SolACE Stakeholder Forum  includes SolACE partners and selected representatives from key sectors. The forum will be engaged in active dialogue and provide expertise to address key issues.

Expression of interest

SolACE Stakeholder Events

An important instrument for stakeholder dialogue at overall project and at European level will be three SolACE Stakeholder Events. At these events, project partners, external speakers, the stakeholder forum and additional representatives of European level stakeholders will discuss project progress and outcomes, dissemination and technology transfer tools. These events will also specifically be used to facilitate dialogue and two-way information exchange between stakeholders and representatives of conventional and organic farming.

  • The First SoLACE Stakeholder Event was organized by INRA in Montpellier, France, in June 2017. 
  • The second one will be hosted  by CREA in Foggia, Italy, early summer 2018.
  • The final event will be organized by ECAF and take place  in Brussels towards the end of the project in 2022.

More information

  • Philippe Hinsinger, SolACE project leader
  • Glyn Jones, Leader of Task 6.1, Stakeholder forum and dialogue