SolACE Stakeholder engagement: Forum, events, discussion

Do you have an interest in improving water- and nutrient (N,P)-use efficiency in potatoes, durum wheat or bread wheat? If so, we want to hear from you!

There are numerous ways you can engage with us: registering for our Stakeholder Forum, attending our events or joining the discussions. To find out more about these different ways of engaging, please read the below sections.

SolACE Stakeholder Forum

The SolACE stakeholder forum is an email platform where SolACE project partners engage in active conversation  with anyone who has an interest in our work. These representatives include groups like farmers, growers, farming associations, agronomists advisors, crop breeders, fertiliser companies, decision and policy makers, and other relevant agricultural parties. Your opinion and expertise matter to us and we would very much like for you to be part of the process to help us learn and make the SolACE project more applicable to end users. Read more about the SolACE Stakeholder Forum here and register to become a member

The SolACE Stakeholder Events

An important way for us to create and maintain dialogue with other people and organisations interested in the SolACE project is through our SolACE Stakeholder Events. At these in-person events, we, along with external speakers, the stakeholder forum and additional representatives at a European-level will discuss project progress and outcomes, dissemination and technology transfer tools. Read more about the SolACE Stakeholder Events to find out about past and forthcoming events, including the ability to register for future events.


The SolACE discussion forum

The discussion platform can be used to discuss relevant topics on water- and nutrient-use efficiency with other interested parties. For more information, go to our discussion page.