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The SolACE consortium

The SolACE partnership has been designed to tackle the challenge of gathering all of the expertise required to achieve the ambitious objectives of the project. SolACE gathers partners who are leaders in the domains they represent within the project. They bring multidisciplinary interests and expertise to be used in the different workpackages.

The consortium gathers 25 partners from the academic (14) and the private sectors (5) as well as from extension services (4), one NGO (1) and project management (1).

The academic partners in the consortium belong to top level of European and International research groups in crop physiology (including root biology) and genetics, soil biogeochemistry and microbial ecology, agronomy/agroecology, as well as social sciences. 

To complement this scientific knowledge and excellence, extension service organisations and the NGO are involved in order to ensure that SolACE concepts and objectives are aligned with end-users’ priorities and that results would be implemented.

Finally, industrial partners help build the innovation strategy and development of the project and ensure that SolACE innovations will be exploited at the end of the project.