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SOLYNTA - Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Het Idee, The Netherlands

SOLYNTA is a registered tradename under which Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Het Idee BV and another company called Agventure Exploitatie BV are operating. SOLYNTA is a for-profit SME, based in the Netherlands on the campus of Wageningen University and Research Centre. Starting in 2006, SOLYNTA has been dedicated to develop a hybrid breeding technology applicable for hybrid potato breeding. It has a highly qualified staff in the field of genomic breeding, genetics, agronomy and breeding. It has the world’s largest hybrid potato breeding staff.

Role in the project

SOLYNTA is involved in the work packages 2, 4 (acting as co-leader) and 6. The main tasks are to generate potato lines and hybrids, test them at various combined abiotic stress conditions and link these data with GBS data.

Key persons involved

  • Pim Lindhout
  • Anke Driessen
  • Sjaak van Heusden, Co-leader work package 4
  • Menno ter Maat
  • Tammy Soputro
  • Sadrach Talahatu
  • Marcela Viquez Zamora
  • Su Ying