UNEW - University of Newcastle - UK

The School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AFRD) at UNEW is a leading centre for agricultural, soil and environmental science focused research. The school has 50 academic staff, who bring their expertise and proficiency in leading multi-disciplinary international projects. The School offers taught programmes at the undergraduate and post-graduate level in all aspects of agriculture and environmental science. It also has around 50 post-graduate research students working alongside the school's researchers.

Role in the project

UNEW will contribute to work packages 1, 3, 5 and 6 within SolACE. Specifically, it will (i) advise on the standard protocols to assess NUE and PUE in field experiments, based on experience from previous projects (Task 1.1); (ii) assist with the transfer of relevant data generated in previous projects (NUE-CROPS, IMPROVE-P) to work package 1 (Task 1.2); (iii) play an advisory role on agronomic strategies to improve NUE, PUE and WUE in work package 3 (Task 3.1); (iv) lead work package 5 which focuses on the evaluation of novel genotypes and agronomic innovations within a European on-farm experiment network (work package 5, Task 5.1); (v) lead Task 6.1, including establishing the stakeholder forum, providing tools and protocols to document stakeholder engagement and attitudes towards new innovations, and coordination of the top-down and bottom-up assessment of barriers and enablers to uptake.

Key persons involved

  • Dr. Julia Cooper, Leader work package 5, leader Task 5.1
  • Dr. Glyn Jones, Leader Task 6.1
  • Dr. Elizabeth Stockdale
  • Dr. James Taylor
  • Sara Iversen