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Work package 6: Knowledge exchange and stakeholder engagement

Work package 6 recognises that socio-technological change can be enabled by a deeper multi-directional interaction among project partners and stakeholders. Work package 6 aims to include a large set of stakeholders in order to drive wider and faster uptake of SolACE outcomes. Multi-directional communication will be promoted throughout the project lifetime via several stakeholder events that will allow for continuous input and feedback to the other work packages. Wider discussion on and dissemination of the novel results will target a broad range of stakeholders, from the scientific community to the general public and policy makers, and all along the crop production chain, from farmers' communities and agricultural schools/faculties to the industry, making wide use of existing communication channels of the stakeholders. Novel solutions for improving WUE, NUE and PUE in crops and agroecosystems across agricultural sectors will be disseminated in order to facilitate the translation of experimental results to field/farm practices, in particular through EIP-AGRI practice abstracts, factsheets, and using tools such as videos. A task will be specifically dedicated to the technology transfer of SolACE’s results including (when relevant) preliminary market studies and decision on protection strategy.


  • Implement a dialogue with stakeholders to enhance potential impacts
  • Make the project results accessible beyond the project framework
  • Provide a wide range of dissemination and communication tools to end-users such as scientific community including students, farmers, farm advisors, breeders, agri-business industry, policy makers & authorities, etc., and the general public
  • Enable technology transfer and promote the uptake of the project results by the industry


  • Helga Willer, FiBL, Work package leader
  • Emily Trivett, LEAF, Work package co-leader