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SP - Sourcon Padena GmbH, Germany

SP has experience in developing, producing and marketing biological agriculture products based on microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). Its outstanding knowledge is the production of non-spore-forming bacteria, like fluorescent Pseudomonas. SP is able to perform not only the necessary laboratory work but also field trials at grower levels, and it is well connected to trial stations around Europe and the United States for carefully designed field trials. SP’s main experience in this respect is on vegetables. For vegetables, SP developed the Proradix product, based on fluorescent Pseudomonas, which is today registered as a plant protection product in several European countries (Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium) and several more are to be registered soon (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, the UK, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and the US).

Role in the project

The role of SP in the project (Work package 3) will be the production of new, interesting microorganisms, including scale-up and formulation of an end product. Furthermore, SP will be performing potato trials with third parties (SP has at least 10 years’ experience).

Key persons involved

  • Karin Mai
  • Giovanni Amenta