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LEAF - Linking Environment And Farming, UK

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is the leading organisation delivering sustainable food and farming. Working with farmers, the food industry, scientists, educationalists and consumers, LEAF inspires and enables sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment and engages local communities.  It develops and promotes Integrated Farm Management (IFM) and works in three core pillars:

  • Facilitating knowledge generation and exchange amongst farmers and researchers through the LEAF Network of Demonstration Farms and Innovation Centres; LEAF develops management tools and resources to support farmers in the adoption of IFM. These include the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review, IFM Guide and IFM Bulletin.  Farmers also have the opportunity to see IFM in practice by visiting LEAF Demonstration Farms.
  • Developing Market Opportunities through the LEAF Marque Standard.
  • Engaging the public in sustainable food and farming through a range of educational and public engagement activities including LEAF Open Farm Sunday, LEAF Open Farm School Days, Countryside Classroom, resources and training.

Role in the project

LEAF is heavily involved in work package 6 (acting as co-leader) as well as facilitating farmers’ networks in work package 5. LEAF will also be involved in facilitating the network of farmers to help with on-farm evaluation of novel genotypes and management combinations.

For over 25 years, LEAF has been growing knowledge around IFM and ensuring it reaches farmers. As well as developing technical management tools and resources, the LEAF Network ensures that the cutting edge IFM research being carried out on LEAF Innovation Centres, is fed back to Demonstration Farmers, who, then put the science into practice.  This is then disseminated out to LEAF members and the wider farming community.

LEAF also works with over 1,000 LEAF Marque certified businesses in 36 countries across the world, who are instrumental in driving forward the uptake of more sustainable farming. In addition, LEAF’ membership base of some 2000 farmers, 130 corporate members, 30 agricultural colleges and universities, helps ensure that the sustainable farming messages of IFM are shared widely.

All of these avenues combined with LEAF’s experience in education and public engagement with food and farming, will help ensure SolACE’s results reach practical application in the wider agricultural industry.

Key person involved

  • Emily Trivett, Work package co-leader