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AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria

AIT is Austria’s largest non-university research institute with a leading role in innovation. With 1100 employees in eight centres, AIT connects research and industry at national and international levels by providing new technologies and tools in response to society’s demands. The Bioresources Unit headed by Dr. Sessitsch consists of about 50 persons being active in the areas of plant genetic resources, plant-microbe interactions and bioprospection of microbial genomes. In the area of beneficial plant-microbe interactions, the unit investigates:

  • The diversity and functioning of plant-associated microbiota by applying cultivation-based and metagenomic approaches,
  • The application of bacterial endophytes and rhizosphere bacteria for crop enhancement.

Role in the project

AIT will coordinate work package 3 and will be furthermore primarily involved in work package 2. AIT will provide microbial strains, which will be tested together with microorganisms provided by other partners for their stress-alleviating effects (work package 3). Furthermore, AIT will be responsible for microbiome analysis in work package 2 and 3 and for tracing specific strains in the field (work package 3). AIT will provide protocols and expertise to work package 1 and outreach activities (work package 6).

Key persons involved

  • Dr. Angela Sessitsch, Leader work package 3
  • Dr. Livio Antonielli
  • Theresa Ringwald
  • Dr. Friederike Trognitz