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CONCER - CON.CER Societa Cooperativa Agricola, Italy

O.P.CON.CER. is an organization of durum wheat producers in the South of Italy. Around 500 farmers are involved in the organization activities with utilised agricultural area of less than 30,000 hectares. CONCER has worked to offer an agronomic service and cultivation contract since 2008.

Role in the project

CONCER will provide a network of farmers that grow durum wheat, also with organic practices, available to on-farm evaluation of novel crop genotypes (WP4) and management combinations (WP5). It will provide a selection of most representative farms (6 farms) with durum wheat under conventional and organic production. CONCER can provide at least three years on-farm data collection and agronomic-environmental impact assessment on single crop and rotational scale (WP1). CONCER is also included in WP6 in order to share new results among involved actors and aims to promote the technology transfer to associated farmers in cooperation with CREA.

Key persons involved

  • Giovanni Nicola Caione
  • Michele Caione
  • Michele Roncetti
  • Katia D’Amico