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SolACE farmer networks

SolACE maintains a European-wide on-farm experiment network. Existing networks of farmers interested in testing innovative techniques and new genotypes were selected to represent the following regions and cropping systems of Europe:

  1. Bread wheat

    1. conventional production, boreal climate (SLU, Sweden)
    2. organic production, warm summer continental climate (FiBL, Switzerland)
    3. conventional production, mediterranean climate (UPM, Spain)

  2. Durum wheat

    1. conventional production, mediterranean climate (ARVALIS, France)
    2. organic production, mediterranean climate (CONCER, Italy)

  3. Potato

    1. conventional production, oceanic climate (LEAF and UNEW, UK)
    2. organic production, warm summer continental climate (ÖMKi, Hungary)

Innovations for testing on-farm (novel genotypes and agroecosystem management practices) will be identified in consultation with farmers and evaluated for their agronomic  and environmental and economic impacts.

The work related to the farmer networks in carried out in work package 5 (Co-assessment of novel crop genotypes and management innovations in farmers’ networks) of the SolACE project.

Farmer Networks: Map