Work package 1: Data Management Plan and crop modelling

Work package1 will take its sources from the accumulated knowledge from recent and ongoing national, European and international phenotyping and genotyping projects, using past data analyses and mining pre-existing datasets. In addition, the expertise of stakeholders and partners will also be included to select relevant panels of genotypes, and decide the restricted range of combined stresses and management innovations to test in various pedo-climatic zones of Europe, and to be used in other Work packages. Work package 1 will use Crop Simulation Models (CSM) to explore the probability of occurrence of the present-day stress scenarios that will be assessed in other Work packages, as well as alternative scenarios that represent future conditions as related to climate change. Finally, WP1 will design the Data Management Plan (DMP), promoting data sharing at the various steps of SolACE implementation, as well as ensuring data quality and inter-comparisons through the definition of standardized protocols for data collection and processing.


  • Development of standard protocols for the data collection in a range of experiments and environments.
  • Development of a protocol for data mining, sharing, and harmonisation within SolACE.
  • In silico definition of appropriate management strategies to be tested in SolACE and quantification of the impacts of projected climate on the SolACE’s results across Europe.


  • Dr. Davide Cammarano, JHI, Work package leader
  • Pierre Martre, INRAE-LEPSE, Work package co-leader