The SolACE Stakeholder Forum

What is the SolACE Stakeholder Forum

The SolACE stakeholder forum is a platform in which the SolACE project engages in active dialogue with representatives from key sectors. These representatives includes farmers’ representatives, advisors, decision and policy makers, and other relevant parties.

Why the Stakeholder Forum?

Having such a forum is an important element to the stakeholder engagement process of the project. It allows representatives to share their expertise and to address key issues, and enables the SolACE project to gather feedback on progress and proposed innovations.

Stakeholders from a variety of sectors and with a range of experiences are vital to the production of solutions that are useful in practise and will make a large-scale difference. A further purpose the forum is to raise awareness about the SolACE project.


Throughout the project, SolACE will be in contact with forum members in a two-way dialogue for consultation and discussion. The forum provides a platform for disseminating updates and developments, and providing information about SolACE event. As part of our engagement process, we will also use the stakeholder forum to take stakeholder perceptions and opinions into account. This means, that we may ask you to participate in an online survey or other means of gathering your opinion and feedback. 

Subscription to the SoLACE Stakeholder Forum.

We will also invite you to take part in our stakeholder engagement events, which are held once a year, and you will receive our newsletter.

Your opinion and expertise matters to us and we would very much like for you to be part of the process and the SolACE project.

More information

  • Philippe Hinsinger, SolACE project leader
  • Glyn Jones, Leader of Task 6.1, Stakeholder forum and dialogue