CONCER farmer network on organic production, Italy

The aim of the Concer farmer network is to evaluate novel crop genotypes and management combinations (stale seed bed, spring tine weeding and relay intercropping) to promote organic production of durum wheat and leguminous.

Concer provides on-farm data collection and agronomic-environmental impact assessments for single crops and rotations in order to select the best practices and spread them among local farmers.

The farmers can test novel genotypes and agronomic combinations on scale in comparison with farmer’s standard practices.

The network represents a group of farmers involved in the organic agriculture system. They operate in one region of Italy and are looking for increased yields with fewer inputs, as a result of innovative cropping systems.

During the crop season, an annual farmer workshop is scheduled in order to define the objectives of the field activities. On-field meetings with agronomic teams are also scheduled, during which the group will identify problems and solutions.


Michele Roncetti is the coordinator of this Italian network.