Potato testing on-farm network, UK

Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) has set up a potato network of 4 to 8 farms who will test different varieties of potato combined with innovative farm approaches, in collaboration with the University of Newcastle.

The network ranges through Britain (England and Scotland), which is characterized by a temperate maritime climate. 

Farms within this network follow LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management approach, which is a whole farm business approach that delivers more sustainable farming. They all grow potatoes as part of a wider vegetable or arable rotation and have varied weather, depending on their location within the UK.

The network will trial different potato seed mixes combined with innovative farming approaches under the supervision and guidance from the University of Newcastle and LEAF. This network has been set up specifically for the SolACE project. 

The trials will look at crop yield, quality, resource use efficiency as well as the economic and environmental indicators. The impact of new potato seed mixes combined with management solutions to provide local solutions to combined water and nutrient stresses commonly found in the UK and Europe will be trialled and assessed.

The results of the on-farm trials are used for the list of recommended potato varieties through the SolACE project.