Proceedings from the first Stakeholder Event

The proceedings from the first stakeholder event in Montpellier, France in June, 2017 are now available on Zenodo. The proceedings provide details about the programme and opening speaches, as well as an overview of the group work sessions, which addressed five important themes:

  • Theme 1: What potential combinations of water and nutrient stress concern you the most (e.g., prolonged drought, extreme events)?
  • Theme 2: Which plant traits and characteristics help to improve the efficiency of water and nutrient use?
  • Theme 3: Which management tools do you currently use, or are aware of, to improve the efficiency of on-farm water and nutrient use?
  • Theme 4: What are the breeding strategies helping to respond to shortages in water and nutrients?
  • Theme 5: How can farmers and researchers collaborate to design and test new breeding and management strategies that can be applied across Europe? And where do we need to apply site-specific solutions? 

 The next stakeholder event will be held in May in Foggia, Italy. 

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