SolACE Stakeholder Event

At the third SolACE stakeholder event, which took place in Dundee, UK, in October 2019, we showed stakeholders some of the innovations we are working on to reduce water and nutrient stress in crops and received valuable feedback and comments on these innovations. The event was held together with the TomRes project, who also presented some of their innovations.

Niki Rust (University of Newcastle) introducing the stakeholder event. Photo: LEAF, 2019

The event took place during the annual meetings of SolACE and TomRes (a novel and integrated approach to increase multiple and combined stress tolerance in plants using tomato as a model), and it therefore included active participation from both consortia.

It was led by Niki Rust from Newcastle University, using a “Dragon’s Den” approach. The presenters each had five minutes to present their innovations:

  • Adapted genotypes and tillage practices to reduce nutrient input in agriculture – Sarah Symanczik, FiBL (SolACE)
  • Water and nutrient stress resilient tomato genotypes – Dani Zamir, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (TomRes)
  • Hybrids for potatoes – Michiel De Vries, Solynta (SolACE)
  • Biostimulants in tomato under stress – Ivan Visentin, Strigolab (TomRes)
  • Field application of microbial inoculants using DCM’s MINIGRAN® technology – Hervé Dupré de Boulois, DCM (SolACE)
  • A powerful and cheap molecular tool to obtain the varietal composition of durum (or any species) mixtures (and some others applications!) – Jacques David, Inra-SupAgro (SolACE)

After each presentation, the audience asked questions about the innovation, how to implement it and its potential upsides and downsides. The participants also gave feedback about their experiences using the innovations or similar approaches.

Overall, it was a successful event with a lot of very lively discussion and feedback about the innovations being tested in SolACE and TomRes.

The proceedings of the event will be made available soon on the SolACE website: