Successful field day "Innovazione in agricoltura tra sostenibilità e precisione" in Foggia, Italy

The Italian agricultural field day “Nova Agricoltura in campo” took place in Foggia in the South of Italy; it was organized by SolACE partner CREA.

The theme of the field this year was „Agricultural innovation - between innovation and tradition (“Innovazione in agricoltura tra sostenibilità e precisione"), addressing key themes such as sowing, plant nutrient and health, irrigation and crop protection, and precision farming. More than 1200 farmers, technicians and adivors attended the event, many of these linked ot SolACE project partners CREA.and CONCER. Participants had the opportunity to join guided tours, attend machine demonstrations, participate in workshops and learn about the SolACE project, which was introduced by Nicola Pecchioni of CREA.

This year´s edition focused on cereals and industrial crops.

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Nicola Peccioni, CREA, Leader of SolACE Work package 4

Link Nova Agricoltura in Campo il 20 luglio a Foggia