SolACE Dissemination

The SolACE project makes use of a wide range of dissemination tools, such as videos, practice abstracts, a stakeholder forum, stakeholder events and social media in order to inform the SolACE community of what is happening in the project, promote stakeholder awareness and ensure access to and uptake of information, materials and results.

In order to ensure effective exchange with stakeholders, SolACE also has a stakeholder forum, which is open to anyone interested in the project topics. Throughout the project, SolACE will be in contact with forum members in a two-way dialogue for consultation and discussion. The forum provides a platform for disseminating updates and developments. Those registered to the forum will also receive updates about SolACE stakeholder events, the second of which took place in Foggia, Italy, in May, 2018.

We recently launched a discussion forum on the SolACE website, where various project-related topics can be discussed. For example, the one of the SolACE innovations, which was presented at the stakeholder event in Foggia, can now be discussed on the forum. Other relevant discussion topics will be continuously added.

In addition, we uploaded two new videos to the SolACE YouTube channel. The first video, which is set at the first SolACE annual meeting in Foggia, Italy, provides an overview of the project aims as well as the range of activities the project will carry out. The second video outlines the SolACE stakeholder forum, what the aims are, as well as some feedback from stakeholders. Stay tuned for new videos, which will be added to the SolACE YouTube channel throughout the duration of the project.

The SolACE project website is also continually updated with news about project results and other activities in the project. Similarly, our Twitter and Facebook accounts are regularly updated with interesting news.

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Laura Kemper & Helga Willer, FiBL Switzerland